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Accounting Services


Bank Reconciliations

Reconciling your bank statements each month confirms that all transactions on your bank statement have been recorded into your accounting software, ensuring your financial statements accurately reflect your company’s sales and expense transactions.

Accounts Payable

We will post all daily financial transactions of the company categorizing all debits to the appropriate general ledger account using Peachtree Accounting. We will also post any reimbursements and ensure any loans from the owner are categorized correctly.

Credit Card Reconciliations

Reconciling your credit card statements monthly is crucial to categorizing every expense of your company. This ensures that the purchases charged throughout the month will be reflected on your company’s profit and loss statement. By not recording these charges you are missing out on significant deductions.

Accounts Receivable

In order for a company to thrive it must have income. We will post all income separating the income streams to the appropriate general ledger account, enabling you to see the income by source each month.


We will track any liabilities your company may have so you may see outstanding balances monthly, ensuring principal and interest payments are applied accurately. All assets will be recorded on the balance sheet as they are acquired.


Once you understand the overall picture of your finances identifying the money your company is spending and receiving, you will have a better understanding of how to reach your financial goals. We can help by creating a budget to identify unnecessary expenditures and increase cash flow.


Payroll and Tax Processing

Unlimited direct deposits for checks
Unlimited earnings and deductions
Signing and inserting

Payroll Tax Filing & Compliance

Federal, state and local taxes
Calculate, collect and pay your payroll tax liabilities

Regulatory Assistance

New hire reporting
Garnishment processing



Other Services

Medical Billing

Medical Billing

Maintaining a healthy revenue stream can be challenging when you are dealing with claims and insurance companies. By outsourcing your medical billing to us you can be assured that your revenue cycle will be maximized by ensuring claims are processed timely and accurately while improving efficiency in your practice. We are HIPAA compliant and are aware of the regulations regarding confidentiality of consumer information.

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